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Noctua's low profile NH-L9x65 heatsink stands just 64mm tall and has a very compact footprint of only 95x95mm. The NH-L9x65 is designed to cool some fairly intensive Intel sockets, along with the full spectrum of AMD processors and APUs. Compact CPU coolers can be a little tricky to install, but Noctua long ago laid down the framework of an excellent motherboard mounting system,, so the NH-L9x65 is a breeze to work with. 

The Noctua NH-D9DXi4-3U is a mid-sized heatsink designed specifically for lower noise cooling of Intel Xeon processors in 3U height computer/server chassis. It's compact stature makes it ideal for rack mounted computers in a recording studio, video editing suite, operations control center... The 920gram Scythe Fuma heatsink is constructed around six 6mm diameter copper heatpipes and a pair of aluminum fin stacks that measure 104x130x37mm (HxWxD) in size. The heatpipes are liberally soldered to a chunky nickel plated copper base plate, this plate helps to more evenly conduct heat away from hot-spot ridden multi-core CPUs. While Scythe doesn't overtly market its heatsinks as DeepCool's Maelstrom 240 is a self contained CPU liquid 
cooling system consists of a dual fan, 240mm wide aluminum heat 
exchanger and combination pump head / skived copper waterblock. With Frostytech's synthetic thermal test platforms applying up to a 200W heat load, only we can accurately rank how the Maelstrom 240 liquid cooler stacks up
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Wed: 02/01/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

Our first CPU cooler review of 2017 and it’s the Arctic Freezer i32. The Arctic Freezer i32 is based on the Arctic Freezer i30, but Arctic state the i32 has several feature improvements that boost performance and reduce noise. Arctic have been around the PC and system builder’s scene for a very long time. In fact, we use Arctic MX2 for all our CPU cooler reviews just because we have used Arctic thermal paste for a very long time and trust it. We know what it is capable of and we know they know their thermal paste.

Full Story: 
° hardwareslave

Wed: 02/01/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

 Noctua has introduced three new SE-AM4 versions of the NH-D15, NH-U12S and NH-L9x65 heatsinks, for the new AM4 socket of AMD's upcoming Ryzen architecture. Whereas the NH-L9x65 SE-AM4 is tailored for compact systems and the NH-U12S SE-AM4 offers an excellent balance of performance and compatibility, the NH-D15 SE-AM4 provides maximum cooling performance for overclockers and silent enthusiasts.

"AMD's Ryzen architecture promises exciting possibilities for various applications and the NH-D15, NH-U12S and NH-L9x65 are some of our most popular models, so it was a natural choice to create dedicated special editions for the new platform." With its supreme capacity at extreme heat loads, the NH-D15 SE-AM4 allows overclockers to push their AM4 systems to the limit and silent enthusiasts to run the fans at super-low speeds. By contrast, the NH-L9x65 SE-AM4 features a highly compact design and low profile, which makes it ideal for cooling lower TDP AM4 CPUs in HTPC or Small Form Factor cases. The mid-sized single tower NH-U12S SE-AM4 provides an excellent balance of efficiency, quietness and compatibility.

All three models feature the new SecuFirm2 system for AM4, which has been tailor-designed for the new socket in order to ensure optimal compatibility, perfect contact pressure and easy, straightforward installation. Two different sets of mounting bars allow users to choose the orientation of the cooler according to their preferences in order to ensure optimal alignment with the airflow path inside the case.

Thanks to Noctua's state-of-the-art NF-A15, NF-F12 and NF-A9x14 PWM fans that support fully automatic speed control and come with additional Low-Noise Adaptors, the new SE-AM4 models run remarkably quietly and are especially suited for highly noise-sensitive users aiming for near-silent operation. Topped off with Noctua's proven NT-H1 thermal compound and a full 6-year manufacturer's warranty, the NH-D15 SE-AM4, NH-U12S SE-AM4 and NH-L9x65 SE-AM4 form complete premium-quality solutions that represent a deluxe choice for elite-class AM4 builds.

Prices and availability
All three models are currently shipping and will be available shortly. The suggested retail prices are as follows:
NH-D15 SE-AM4: EUR 89.90/USD 99.90
NH-U12S SE-AM4: EUR 59.90/USD 64.90
NH-L9x65 SE-AM4: EUR 44.90/USD 52.90

Full Story: 
° noctua

Tue: 01/31/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Following on from our previous articles about fan configuration and static pressure vs airflow fans, today we are looking at thermal paste. Specifically, we are hoping to find out whether or not choosing different types of thermal paste actually makes any difference. To do this, we test 7 products from 6 companies to see how much difference thermal paste really makes.
Full Story: 
° kitguru

Tue: 01/31/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
We do not need to introduce the company Cooler Master. No matter whether cases, power supplies or peripheral, the manufacturer from Taiwan is at the top of many categories. Today with the MasterLiquid Pro 240 we introduce the latest compact water cooling from Cooler Master. Enjoy reading the review and exploring the new features.
Full Story: 
° ocinside

Tue: 01/31/2017Topic: Cases    PermaLink
be quiet! are one of the leading names in the PC component market. Not only do they make some of the best power supplies on the market, but they’ve also got many award-winning CPU coolers, fans, and in recent years, some stunning chassis products too. Of course, with a name like be quiet! it’s hardly surprising that many of their products are also the quietest in their respective markets, and that’s something we expect to see in their latest product, the Pure Base 600.
Full Story: 
° eteknix

Sat: 01/28/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
CRYORIG looks to improve their share of the all-in-one liquid cooler market by dominating the competition with the A80. Featuring their unique Hybrid Airflow Fan paired with a large 280 mm radiator, this interesting design might just turn a few heads.
Full Story: 
° techpowerup

Fri: 01/27/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
It has been a while since we’ve had a chance to take a look at NZXT cooler, but in the past, we’ve been highly impressed with their products. Quite frankly, there hasn’t been a whole lot of innovation in the CPU cooler market, because it’s just tough to improve on something that’s already awesome. Instead, we see a lot of manufacturers adding visual improvements to the coolers to help make them stand out, but this really only helps for those who have windowed cases. Today we’re going to take a look at a trio of NZXT Kraken coolers, called the Kraken X42, X52, and X62. These coolers are updated version of the already successful X41 and X61 with a little added flare and were released just this past November.
Full Story: 
° legitreviews

Tue: 01/24/2017Topic: Cases    PermaLink
With the MasterCase Pro 3, Cooler Master introduces a new compact mid-tower case, which is compatible with high-end components and mATX motherboard. The MasterCase Pro 3, like the other MasterCase cases, offers interesting features such as a modular HDD mounting system and a mid-plate to hide the power supply away. Overall this sounds like an interesting product and we're curious whether CoolerMaster is able to convice.
Full Story: 
° ocaholic

Tue: 01/24/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Noch Ende 2016 wurde ein neuer Kühler aus dem Hause Scythe vorgestellt, der vom Namen her eine lange Tradition hat und nun in der nächsten, der 5. Generation vorgestellt wurde. Die Rede ist vom Scythe Mugen 5 CPU Kühler. Die Mugen Serie gibt es schon seit mehreren Jahren und war bisher stets beliebt. Damit das so bleibt, hat Scythe viel Zeit in die Entwicklung investiert, um abermals die Leistung des Mugen 5 Kühlkörpers zu steigern und diesen gleichzeitig mit einem einzigartigen und brandneuen Lüfter auszustatten. Der mitgelieferte Kaze Flex 120 PWM Lüfter besticht durch geräuschreduzierende Gummiabsorber an den Rahmenecken, einem dynamischen Rotordrehzahlbereich von 300 bis 1.200 U/min und einem brandneuen FDB-Lager mit hochpräziser Abdichtung. Diese Eigenschaften garantieren einen sanften und leisen Betrieb in jedem Arbeitspunkt.

Tue: 01/24/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
"Intel and AMD's announcements of their next-gen Kaby Lake and Ryzen processors might have some of you wondering whether you'll be looking at a total overhaul of your cooling and power supplies to accommodate the new chipsets and motherboards. Cooler Master, a leader in design and manufacturing computer components and peripherals,has already prepared for the launch of these CPUs so you can apply your existing CPU coolers and power supplies to the upgraded chips.

Air and Liquid Cooling Compatibility

Virtually all of Cooler Master's liquid and air coolers are compatible with Intel Kaby Lake's LGA 1151 socket. For AMD Ryzen's AM4 socket, any models lacking native compatibility can be adapted using an upgrade kit.Check the list below for compatible models, and contact your local retailer or tech support to check for the availability of upgrade kits."

Full Story: 
° coolermaster

Wed: 01/18/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

Thermaltake, the leading brand in PC thermal solutions, today announced the latest all-in-one liquid cooler line-ups – Water 3.0 Riing RGB 280, Water 3.0 Riing Red 280 and Water 3.0 Riing Red 140 at CES 2017 held at the Venetian Hotel Titian 2303 Suite from January 5th (Thu) to 8th (Sun). The Water 3.0 Riing Series comes with single/dual 140mm high-static pressure LED fans with a large surface radiator, high performance waterblock and pump for ultimate CPU cooling. The built-in patented Riing fan adopted PWM fan, compression blades and hydraulic bearings that guarantee superior cooling performance and quiet operation. Users can choose from Riing 14 RGB and Riing 14 Red to add style into their system. Moreover, the Water 3.0 Riing RGB 280 Series features reinforced sleeved cable that delivers the best durability and prevents the tubing from any damages. Most importantly, the self-contained design of the Water 3.0 Riing Series provides an easy installation system and a totally maintenance-free operation. The new Water 3.0 Riing Series is designed to exceed enthusiast’s expectations, and is now available on the market.

Riing 14 LED RGB 256 Colors Radiator Fan: Featuring high-static pressure design, exceptional cooling performance and ultra-silent operation, the patented circular 256 multicolored 140mm RGB fan utilized PWM fan, concentrated compression blade, hydraulic bearings, wind blocker frame and anti-vibration mounting system. Moreover, the built-in LED ring can maintain color and brightness uniformity. The lighting is visible from all sides and angles.

Smart Fan Controller: A self-contained fan controller can switch between 5 LED modes including solid colors of red, blue, white, green or disable and cycle through 256 colors. Play/Pause functions allow users to cycle colors (color remains unchanged even after the PC has been turned off or rebooted) with speed control options reduce noise even more all from your fingertips.

High Efficiency Radiator: Special designed 280mm large surface radiator not only doubles the cooling surface, but also supports up to 4 x 140mm fans for additional heat dissipation.

High Performance Waterblock and Reinforced Sleeved Cable: The high performance copper base plate accelerates the heat conductivity. The pre-refilled coolant reduces any stress from liquid replenishment hassle. Additionally, cable sleeve design delivers the best durability and prevents the tubing surface from any damages and scratches.

High Reliability Pump: The high quality and reliable pump enables the maximum amount of water circulation, keeping the copper plate continuously cool. The low evaporation tube effectively decreases the loss of coolant; therefore no refill is either needed or required.

Riing 14 LED Red Radiator Fan: Featuring high-static pressure design, exceptional cooling performance and ultra-silent operation, the patented LED 140mm fan utilized PWM fan, concentrated compression blade, hydraulic bearings, wind blocker frame and anti-vibration mounting system. Moreover, the built-in LED ring can maintain color and brightness uniformity. The lighting is visible from all sides and angles.

Special designed 280mm/140mm large surface radiator not only doubles the cooling surface, but also supports up to 4/2 x 140mm fans for additional heat dissipation.

The high performance copper base plate accelerates the heat conductivity. The pre-refilled coolant reduces any stress from liquid replenishment hassle.

For more details on Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB 280 and Water 3.0 Riing Red 280&140, please visit:
Water 3.0 Riing RGB 280
Water 3.0 Riing Red 280
Water 3.0 Riing Red 140

Full Story: 
° thermaltake

Tue: 01/17/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

GIGABYTE at CES 2017 demo'd a 2U server with an 8GPU, 2CPU system with 24 memory modules fully immersed in a bath of a 3M Novec hydrocarbon (an inert, non-conductive fluid). Covering the CPU/GPUs was nothing more than large copper heatsinks.

"The concept for this design is a two-phase change from liquid to vapor and back, using no pumps but relying on the fact that the gas will condense and fall back into the solution and sink, causing automatic cycling. To cool the vapor as it rises through the system, a cold radiator is placed inside the sealed system.

Novec 72DA liquid is a solution of 70% 1,2-trans-dichloroethylene, 4-16% ethyl nonafluorobutyl ether, 4-6% ethyl nonafluoroisobutyl ether and trace other similar methyl variants. The liquid has a boiling point of 45ºC at very low viscosity (0.4 cP, compared to 0.89 cP for water), but also a low specific heat capacity (1.33 J/g/K, compared to 4.184 for water). "

Full Story: 
° anandtech

Fri: 01/13/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

Thermaltake, a leading brand in PC cooling solutions, today introduced Thermaltake C1000 Opaque Coolant Black, the latest in a series of C1000 non-transparent coolants that Thermaltake has launched since 2016. Highlight features on the new coolant are same as the other members in the C1000 Opaque coolant family (red/green/blue/orange/yellow/white/purple), such as made in Germany, virtually odorless, non-flammable, fully biodegradable, excellent cooling performance and easy bottle filler design, but it’s the first pure black coolant on the market. Users can also choose Pacific radiator series, Pacific reservoir & pump series, Pacific W4 RGB CPU water block, Pacific 16mm OD and 12mm OD fittings and PETG tubes to customize their liquid cooling system!

The new Thermaltake C1000 Opaque Coolant Black is celebrating its launch at Thermaltake CES 2017 held at the Venetian Hotel Titian 2303 Suite from January 5th (Thu) to 8th (Sun). The C1000 Opaque Coolant Black is now available to order at TT Premium ( and select resellers.

Full Story: 
° thermaltake

Fri: 01/13/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

Many graphics card manufacturers now sell ‘hybrid’ cards – cards which make use of a closed loop cooler as well as a traditional blower-style fan. Rather than shelling out the extra cash for one of those cards, however, Arctic think you should buy their Accelero Hybrid III-140 kit. It is designed to offer the same hybrid experience, but can cater to a much wider array of graphics cards.

Full Story: 
° kitguru

Wed: 01/11/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
"EK Water Blocks confirms that all of its current CPU water blocks will fully support the latest AMD Socket AM4 series processors (Ryzen CPUs and A-series APU codename Bristol Ridge) as the additional free upgrade. The mounting hole pattern of Socket AM4 is a little bit different from the old AMD Sockets (754, 939, 940, AM2(+), AM3(+),FM2(+)), meaning the old mounting plate is not compatible with Socket AM4.

Full Story: 
° ekwb

Wed: 01/11/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
"AMD's AM4 socket will indeed be using a new mounting solution, with the new socket using a 90mm x 54mm mounting solution instead of AMD's traditional AM3+/AM3/AM2/FM2/FM2+ 96mm x 48mm mounting solution."

Full Story: 
° overclock3d

Wed: 01/11/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

"AMD sockets AM4 is a Pin Grid Array socket with zero insertion force. It maintains the same locking mechanism as the previous generation and takes up exactly the same area as AM3+, measuring in at 40x40mm. One of the most significant changes however is the number of pins. AM4 supports 1331 pins which is a very significant increase over the 942 of AM3+ and quite a bit more than Intel’s LGA1151. All AM4 APUs & CPUs featured integrated southbridges and natively support significantly more PCIe lanes & USB devices than before.That in addition to AM4’s cross-compatibility feature have been the primary drivers of the hefty 40%+ growth in pin contacts from AM3+ to AM4. To accommodate this the number of traces going in and out of the socket has also increased dramatically. This has unfortunately necessitated and adjustment of the socket’s cooler/heatsink mounting holes. Effectively breaking compatibility with all previous generation coolers for AM2, AM2+, AM3 & AM3+."

Full Story: 
° wccftech

Wed: 01/11/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Looking to cool your Intel or AMD CPU inside the confined space of a SFF chassis? REEVEN's BRONTES CPU cooler might well be for you."
Full Story: 
° tweaktown

Wed: 01/11/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

Our friends from EK Water Blocks are back with what is clearly one of the best AIO liquid cooling systems money can buy today the EK-XL Predator 280.

Full Story: 
° nikktech

Wed: 01/11/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

Hardware Labs has been a mainstay in the PC DIY watercooling industry for over 15 years now, with an emphasis on radiators for different needs. Today, we take a look at the new Nemesis GTR 360 for those who want the best possible thermal dissipation performance from their radiators.

Full Story: 
° techpowerup

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