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Swiftech MC462-A Rev1 Heatsink Review
Swiftech MC462-A Rev1 Heatsink Review
Overall Rating:   88%
Abstract: The SwiftTech MC462-A Rev1. It's a 38.5x76x77mm aluminum pin and 9mm thick copper base - monster of a heatsink.

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Swiftech   $$ Price It! ££ Cooling / Heatsinks   May 09, 2001   Max Page  

Swiftech MC462-A Rev1 Heatsink Review

There are heatsinks, and then there are SwiftTech heatsinks. SwiftTech makes a lineup of liquid-cooled, and high performance pin-based air cooled heatsinks. When a heatsink gets this large and this complex it really has to be called a 'system'.

In this case, we're looking at the SwiftTech MC462-A Rev1. It's a 38.5x76x77mm aluminum pin and 9mm thick copper base, monster of a heatsink. The difference in this heatsink over the earlier MC462 versions is that all the corners have been notched to accommodate motherboard capacitors placed too closely to the socket. Secondly, it also comes with a newer 53CFM Sanyo Denki fan which has a tachometer output.

The two main things you first notice about the MC462-A Rev1 is the MASSIVE fan and the amazing finish on the base. There are some comparison photos of the base later in the article, but they don't do justice to communicating the sheer size of it. The only downside, apart from having a motherboard that can't accept this cooler (it's rare, the Tyan KTA for example *just* let us mount the heatsink), is the $80USD price tag - but if you want performance you have to pay for it, right? As we're about to see, the MC462-A Rev1 is in a performance class of its own.

Designed for:

AMD Athlon, Duron, Pentium 4 processors.

The Swiftech MC462-A Rev1 Heatsink

  • Model: MC462-A Rev1
  • (261) 3mm thick aluminum pins, each 29mm in height.
  • Sanyo Denki "Petit Ace 32" 53CFM, 80mm fan, 45dBa
  • Fan Dim: 32x80x80mm, 12V, 0.56A
  • FHS Dimensions: 71x76x77mm
  • Base: C110 Copper
  • HS Weight: 760 grams
  • CNC milled base, flat to 0.001".
  • Comes with: screws, instructions, AOC non-silicon thermal compound
  • Made & Sold by: SwiftTech
  • Cost: $79USD
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Article Contents:
 Page 1:  — Swiftech MC462-A Rev1 Heatsink Review
 Page 2:  The differences are in the revision:
 Page 3:  Looking Closely at the MC462-A Rev1
 Page 4:  Assembling Heatsink for Installation
 Page 5:  Mounting on the motherboard:
 Page 6:  The killer fan from Sanyo Denki
 Page 7:  FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform:
 Page 8:  Synthetic Test Results:
 Page 9:  Conclusions:

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